European Parliament: MEP’s Questions & Answers (Food Law) No. 2/2017

Non-exhaustive list of MEP’s Questions & Answers compiled taking into account their relationship with food law, without any political or party preference:

- E-000488-17- Potential harmful effects of the additive E171
- E-000132-17- Free trade negotiations and endocrine disrupters
- E-000134-17- Risk posed by Salmonella infantis in chicken
- E-000097-17 - Reducing calories in food
- E-009771-16 - Presence of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in sweets
- E-009744-16 - Establishment of nutrient profiles
- E-009744-16 - Food packaging containing BPA
- E-009658-16 - Promoting good practice in the production of foie gras
- E-009639-16 - Reassessment of additives
- E-009617-16 - Risk of furan in food
- E-009615-16 - Labelling of bakery products
- E-009589-16 - Italian Government's communication plan to encourage young people to eat                          meat
- P-009556 - 16 Rejection of European rooted vines by Argentinian plant health authorities
- P-009492-16 - Impact of CETA on the EU's agri-food sector
- E-009393-16 - Cooked cured pork products: interpretation of Point 7 of Part A of Annex VI                           to Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011
- E-009365-16 - Adverse impact of the regulation on the provision of food information to                                 consumers
- E-009333-16 - Food Contact Materials (FCMs)
- E-009312-16 - Increase in food waste as a result of plastic containers
- P-009317-16 - Bird flu: high risk on French farms
- P-009190-16 - Measures to control Salmonella infantis

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© Luis Gonzalez Vaque 2017 - DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.35973.35047