Optimizing Sustainability - Connecting with Influencers


Best Food Facts recently hosted nine digital influencers for a Virtual Taste Tour focused on sustainability. Get the details.

The tour, originally planned to be in-person in central Iowa, was reformatted into three virtual discussions focused on these topics:
  • Sustainable Food with conversations about food waste, processed foods, biotechnology and food affordability
  • Sustainable Egg Farming, providing dialogue on hen housing and impacts on animal well-being, food affordability and natural resources
  • Sustainable Crop Farming with a focus on crop practices and environmental stewardship
Eleven experts – including farmers, food manufacturers, registered dieticians, retailers and animal scientists – engaged with candor and authenticity to share how they make sustainability decisions. The experts provided several specific examples of how they weigh benefits and tradeoffs to evaluate the overall sustainability and impacts of decisions around individual practices, products and processes.

The influencers each wrote blog posts about the tour, reaching a combined audience of over 10 million followers. The influencer tour was complemented by a four-part series on Best Food Facts examining sustainability impacts and the topics of grass-fed and grain-fed beefpesticides and GMOs.

United Soybean Board provided funding for the influencer engagement and content promotion.

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